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Associates Clinic

As a trusted and long-time member of the community, we welcome the opportunity to help you overcome your pain, physical limitations, and/or injuries.

Individualized Physiotherapy

Welcome to Physiotherapy Associates Clinic. We provide Virtual, In-Home or In-Clinic Care.

  • Our physiotherapists are supportive and caring healthcare professionals who will listen to you, learn about your condition, and provide a comprehensive assessment, leading to a thorough understanding of  your symptoms.

  • Your assessment findings will be discussed and explained in order to develop an individualized care plan.

  • Treatment options will be discussed which may include exercise, physical treatments, and/or various modalities to assist in speeding up your recovery.

  • You will also receive specific guidance and coaching on what you can do at home to start self-managing your symptoms and improving your function.

  • At Physiotherapy Associates Clinic we believe that treatments yield greater results when they are given with a positive and encouraging attitude.

  • We utilize an individualized, “hands-on” treatment approach that is highly valued by our patients.

  • As a trusted and long-time member of the community, we welcome the opportunity to help you overcome your pain, physical limitations, and/or injuries.

Private Rehabilitation

Call us with your insurance information and we will make arrangements for direct on-line billing.

In-Home Care

We can provide treatment at your home if you are unable to come to the clinic or cannot do Virtual Care.

Virtual Care

Our clinic is set up to provide Virtual Appointments so that you can receive most services remotely using your computer.

Why Physiotherapy Associates Clinic?

  • REGISTERED PHYSIOTHERAPISTS: Caring, knowledgeable, experienced Physiotherapists and support staff to help you.

  • VIRTUAL CARE | ASSESSMENTS AND TREATMENTS: Our virtual platform allows us to provide you with a comprehensive assessment and/or self-treatment options at your home or office.

  • IN-CLINIC CARE: We can assess and treat you in our fully staffed and equipped clinic.

  • IN-HOME TREATMENT: We have registered Physiotherapists that can treat you right in your home through our Physiotherapy-At-Home Program.

  • PERSONALIZED TREATMENT: Individualized, evidence-based treatment plans designed for your specific needs.

  • SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT: A wide range of specialized modalities and treatment equipment to help you recover quickly.

  • MULTIPLE FUNDING OPTIONS: Let us help you access the numerous sources of funding available to help pay for your treatment including Government Funding, WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board), Private Extended Health Insurance, MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance), and Industrial/Employer Contracts.

  • CONVENIENT LOCATION: Conveniently located in Thorncliffe Park area of Toronto, ON [Don Valley Parkway and Don Mills Road] with very close access to the TTC. The BUS stops right at our door. Plenty of FREE PARKING available.

Achieva Advantages

community benefits & facilities

Real Results

We have evidence of success and the data to back it up.

From enhanced mobility to pain relief, explore firsthand success stories that showcase the impactful changes our expert therapists bring to the lives of our clients. See the real transformations and be inspired to embark on your journey

Experts Foundation

our experts are leaders in their field

Our dedicated team of experienced therapists forms the cornerstone of our practice, bringing a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a commitment to personalized care. 

Local Touch

comprehensive service offering and local presence

We integrate a community-centric approach into our physiotherapy services. From local partnerships to tailored treatment plans, we go beyond standard care to connect with and support the unique needs of our community.

Our Clinics

Integrity to bring the best

We at Achieva Health are dedicated to providing our patients with a comprehensive array of rehabilitation services. In order to help our clients recover quickly from illness, injury, or surgery, return to work in a timely manner, engage in regular daily activities, and achieve optimal health, we only work with the best practitioners in the industry—experts with the necessary training, experience, and expertise to create tailored, outcome-focused rehabilitation programs.

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We're here for you!

Our experienced Physiotherapists will help provide relief from pain, and restore normal function so you can return to your usual daily activities, at work or at play. Whether your symptoms are caused by Arthritis, or Sports Injury, or if you have been injured at work or in Motor Vehicle Accident, we can help.