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Physiotherapy Associates Clinic

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or In-Home Appointments.

Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Please do not come to the clinic if you have a fever and/or new onset of cough or difficulty breathing.
At least two of the following:
Chills • fatigue • headache • sore throat • runny nose • stuffy or congested nose • lost sense of taste or smell • hoarse voice • difficulty swallowing • digestive issues (nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain) | or for young children and infants: sluggishness or lack of appetite.

Your Safety is our Priority

Physiotherapy Associates Clinic

RE-OPEN DATE: Monday, June 1, 2020
[following the Emergency Closure due to COVID-19]

HOURS: M-F 8 am – 5 pm

CALL: 416-441-1222 to answer your questions or to Schedule a Virtual, In-Home or In-Clinic Appointment.


Government Funded Physiotherapy Episodes of Care [EOC]: See below in the Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] section for eligibility criteria, or call us.

Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation [MVA]: If you have recently been in a motor vehicle accident, please call us to discuss if your rehabilitation is covered by your insurer.

Work-Related Injury Rehabilitation [WSIB]: If you have suffered a work-related injury, please call us to discuss the rehab programs available to you.

Post Surgical Hip/Knee/ Shoulder Rehabilitation: We provide Post Surgical Hip/Knee and Shoulder Rehabilitation—funded by the Hospital where you had surgery. Call us before your surgery so we can begin as soon as possible when you leave the hospital.

Private Rehabilitation – Call us with your insurance information and we will determine if we can bill your insurance company directly for services rendered.

Virtual Care provided by the Clinic:
Our clinic is set up to provide Virtual Appointments so that you can receive most services remotely using your computer, laptop, iPad/tablet, or mobile phone. These Virtual Appointments will allow clients to continue to stay safe at home and to receive follow up appointments without having to travel.

In-Home Care:
We can provide treatment at your home if you are unable to come to the clinic or do virtual self-care.

In-Clinic Care:
We can provide comprehensive assessment and treatments at our clinic located at 28 Overlea Boulevard, Toronto, ON M4H 1B6.

Individualized Physiotherapy

Welcome To Physiotherapy Associates. Whether we provide Virtual, In-Home or In-Clinic Care, we can help you. Our staff are a caring and supportive group of physiotherapists and healthcare professionals who believe that listening to you, learning about your condition, and providing a comprehensive assessment, will lead to an understanding of what is causing your symptoms. You can expect to receive education and information on what you can do at home to start self-managing. You will also be given treatment options which may include exercise, physical treatments, and/or various modalities to assist in speeding up your recovery. At Physiotherapy Associates we believe that treatments yield greater results when they are given with a positive and encouraging attitude. We utilize an individualized, “hands-on” treatment approach that is highly valued by our patients. As a trusted and long-time member of the community, we welcome the opportunity to help you overcome your pain, physical limitations, or injuries. Please contact us to answer your questions, or to schedule an appointment.



Why Physiotherapy Associates?

REGISTERED PHYSIOTHERAPISTS: Caring, knowledgeable, experienced Physiotherapists and support staff to help you.

VIRTUAL CARE | ASSESSMENTS AND TREATMENTS: Our virtual platform allows us to:

  • meet online through your phone, tablet or computer,
  • provide you with a comprehensive assessment and/or self-treatment options,
  • send you exercises specific to your condition,
  • and recheck virtually to ensure that you are progressing as per the goals.

This is a perfect way of receiving care for those who do not wish to use public transit to travel to the clinic for onsite care and are concerned about the potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus. A combination of Virtual and Onsite Care may provide optimum results for busy professionals.

IN-CLINIC CARE: We can assess and treat you in our fully staffed and equipped clinic.

IN-HOME TREATMENT: We have registered Physiotherapists that can treat you right in your home through our Physiotherapy-At-Home Program.

PERSONALIZED TREATMENT: Individualized, evidence-based treatment plans specifically designed for your specific needs.

SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT: A wide range of specialized modalities and treatment equipment to help you recover quickly.

MULTIPLE FUNDING OPTIONS: Let us help you access the numerous sources of funding available to help pay for your treatment including Government Funding, WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board), Private Extended Health Insurance, MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance), and Industrial/Employer Contracts.

CONVENIENT LOCATION: Conveniently located in Thorncliffe Park area of Toronto, ON [Don Valley Parkway and Don Mills Road] with very close access to the TTC. The BUS stops right at our door. Plenty of FREE PARKING available.

Conditions Treated

We have a comprehensive list of assessment, treatment and educational programs that meet the needs of patients. The following is a selection of services offered for a variety of disorders:

Achilles Tendinopathy
Ankle and Foot Pain
Car Accident Injuries
Congested Lungs (COPD)
Degenerative Disc Disease
Disc Herniations
Elbow Pain
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Ligament Sprains
Low Back Pain
Meniscus Tears
Mid-Back Pain
Muscle and Tendon Strains
Neck and Back Injuries
Neck Pain

Neuropathic Pain
Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Pelvic Pain
Post Surgical Pain or Swelling
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Rotator Cuff Calcifications
Rotator Cuff Tears
Rotator Cuff Tendinopathies
Shoulder Pain
Sports Injuries
Strains and Sprains
Tendonitis and Bursitis
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Trigger Finger
Wrist and Hand Pain

Our Physiotherapy Programs

ADP (wheelchair, seating and mobility)
Arthritis/Osteoporosis Rehab
Back Education
Balance Training
Cardio-Respiratory Rehab
Falls Prevention
Injury Prevention
Hip, Knee and Shoulder Replacement Program
Motor Vehicle Accident [MVA] Programs
Pain Management
Post Fracture Rehab
Post Surgical Rehab
Sports Injury Management
Strengthening Programs
Wellness and Exercise
Work-Related Injuries Programs
Wound Management

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists [also known as physical therapists] have an advanced understanding of how the body moves, what keeps it from moving well, and how to restore mobility. They manage and prevent many physical problems caused by illness, disease, sports injuries, work-related injuries, aging, and long periods of inactivity.

Can Physiotherapy Help Me?

Physiotherapists are skilled in the assessment and management of a broad range of conditions that affect the musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems. Here are some of the ways physiotherapy can help:

  • Address physical challenges associated with back pain, arthritis, repetitive strain injury etc.
  • Attend to sports injuries and provide advice on prevention and recurrence
  • Get you back on your feet after surgery
  • Help you manage the physical complications of cancer and its treatment
  • Maximize your mobility if you have a neurological disorder such as stroke, spinal cord injury or Parkinson’s disease
  • Oversee rehabilitation in your home after you have been ill or injured
  • Provide balance and strengthening exercises for seniors who are at risk of falling.
  • Provide pre- and post-natal care and attend to other women’s health conditions
  • Treat neck and back pain and other joint injuries
  • Work with you to treat and manage respiratory and cardiac conditions

(Adopted from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association website at

What are the Qualifications of our Physiotherapists?

We retain highly qualified Physiotherapists for our clinic. Our Physiotherapists are specifically selected for their professional qualifications, knowledge, experience, and commitment to ongoing post-graduate education. Most importantly, our physiotherapists demonstrate an ability to communicate with patients in a caring, compassionate, and professional manner. We ensure that our physiotherapists are licensed to practice physiotherapy, possess a current registration certificate from the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, and are also in good standing with the College. This ensures adherence to quality standards and codes of professional conduct governed by the college.

Do you accept Private Insurance, Motor Vehicle Accident or WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board) claims?

Yes. We can help you fund your treatment through a variety of means including:

  • Government Funded “Episodes of Care” to those who are eligible.
  • WSIB (Workman’s Safety & Insurance Board).
  • Private Extended Health Insurance.
  • MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance).
  • Industrial/Employer Contracts. 

What is Government Funded "Episode of Care" [EOC]?

The Government provides “Episode of Care Funding” to designated Community Physiotherapy Clinics, which will fund physiotherapy for those who meet the eligibility requirements. Physiotherapy Associates Clinic is proud to be a designated Community Physiotherapy Clinic, providing Government Funded Care in our community. An EOC can be initiated by a physician or nurse practitioner referral. It refers to all clinically-related health services used to treat one patient who has been diagnosed with distinct conditions arising from injury or health-related issues. An Episode of Care lasts from the physiotherapist’s assessment and diagnosis of the symptoms, and the delivery of treatment until the patient has reached their goals as indicated by the treatment plan and is discharged.

Adapted from the Ontario Ministry of Health website.

Who is eligible for publicly-funded physiotherapy [OHIP]?

To be eligible for publicly-funded physiotherapy services, a person must:

  • be referred by a physician or nurse practitioner based on the findings of an assessment that the person requires physiotherapy services, be an OHIP insured person under the Health Insurance Act  and be within one of the following categories:
    • aged 65 years and older;
    • aged 19 years and younger; or
    • recently discharged as an inpatient of a hospital and in need of physiotherapy clinic services that are directly connected to the condition, illness or injury for which the person was admitted to the hospital.


    • be referred by a physician or nurse practitioner based on the findings of an assessment that the person requires physiotherapy services and be eligible for funding of services under the Ontario Disability Support or Ontario Works programs.

SOURCE: Ontario Ministry of Health

Does the Government have a plan that will pay for my Physiotherapy Services?

Yes. The government funds your treatment through “Episodes of Care” for those who are eligible. Please see the FAQ, “Who is eligible for publicly-funded physiotherapy [OHIP]?” for eligibility.

What Can You Expect to Gain From Your Treatment Plan?

Physiotherapy or “Physical Therapy” can help you in the assessment and treatment of physical injury and dysfunction. Treatment can help to alleviate, improve or manage a variety of physical conditions including acute joint and muscle injuries, repetitive strain injuries, chronic pain disorders, arthritis, post-surgical rehabilitation, and sports injuries. Following a comprehensive assessment, your physiotherapist will develop a treatment plan that includes the short and long term goals, the prognosis for recovery, and the treatment schedule.
Our Physiotherapy philosophy promotes an individualized, “hands on” approach that is highly valued by patients. When a physiotherapist sees a patient for the first time, he or she examines that individual and develops a plan of care that fosters the ability to move, reduces pain, restores function, and prevents disability. The physical therapist and the patient then work side-by-side to make sure that the goals of the treatment plan are met.

Therapeutic exercise and functional training are the cornerstones of physiotherapy treatment. Depending on the particular needs of a patient, physical therapists will mobilize joints and muscles to promote proper movement and function. Physiotherapists may use other techniques such as electrotherapy, ultrasound (high-frequency waves that produce heat), hot packs, and ice in addition to other treatments when appropriate. Our Physiotherapists will also work with individuals to prevent loss of mobility by developing fitness- and wellness-oriented programs for healthier and more active lifestyles.

What Should I Bring to My First Appointment?

  • Wear loose and suitable clothing so that we are better able to access the affected area of the body
  • Please come 15 minutes earlier to fill out our new patient intake form 
  • Please also bring any relevant information (MRIs, medical reports, X-Rays, etc…) 

Do I Need A Referral From a Doctor?

No, you do not need a referral (in general). However, a referral may be necessary in cases where an insurer is funding treatment (Employee Benefits Insurer may require this in order to be eligible. A physician/nurse practitioner referral is one of the eligibility requirements for Government Funded EOCs.  – see FAQ – [Who is eligible for Publicly-Funded Physiotherapy?]. You may call us to discuss this for more clarification.

How Many Visits Can a Patient Receive at a Physiotherapy Clinic?

The number of visits is determined mutually with the physiotherapist and patient. Some insurers will have a set amount of funding set aside for physiotherapy services. This can vary by insurance company. 

Government Funding does not have a pre-determined number of visits per Episode of Care for physiotherapy. The number and frequency of visits provided will be determined by the treating physiotherapist in consultation with the patient. It will be based on the physiotherapist’s professional skill and clinical judgment, and the patient’s individual needs.

Adapted from the Ontario Ministry of Health website.

Services Offered

  • Onsite (In-Clinic) Physiotherapy,
  • Virtual (Online) Physiotherapy
  • In-Home Physiotherapy,
  • Occupational Therapy,
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation
  • Post Surgical Rehabilitation,
  • Pelvic Health Physiotherapy
  • Neck and Back Pain Management
  • Senior’s Care,
  • Workplace Injury Management,
  • Motor Vehicle Injury Rehab.

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